The world is going mobile!

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Today, the world is in everybody’s pocket. Using even the most common Smart Phone, people can chat, watch videos, play games, and read the latest news. Now, they can also use their Smart Phone to pay!
With PadiPay, you can have to this latest method of paying, without worrying much of the complicated system integrations. From Banks to Credit Cards, Debit Cards to eMoney providers, Merchants can enjoy our highly secured system with all of the payment channel within 2 weeks.

Our Business process

We help to connect the payment for all of your business. We integrate with your regular payment method, Call Center, Online Order, or Sizeble Top-Up Service. A very broad merchant varieties.

Our Strength


Reliably Friendly

With easy-to-use interface and global standard design, Anyone can learn how to use our mobile application within minutes.

Months = Weeks

Creating an integration with banks could take companies months or even years to develop. With us, you can have it within weeks.

Maximum Security

Our systems are fully secured with 3D Secure and Visa Master provided, making each transactions not only easy, but safe.

No Capex

The business model is based on PAID transaction, we will bring you to the most complete Payment community (including mobile payment) in the FAST way. You don’t even think of bulk of servers, network, peoples, and developments. Let us to that for you.


  • Months (Years) = Weeks

    Payment channel integration is a painful process. Usually, it will take more than 2 months to establish single connection with a bank, let alone to have 14 different payment channel.
    With PadiPay, Merchants only needs to provide a single connection to PadiPay, and then sit back and relax. Let us do the rest.

  • Cost reduced up to 70%

    By speeding up the integration process, Merchants can save all the resources from pursuing and taking care all of the payment channel. We’ll take care of it for you, so you can minimize all of your costs.

  • Revenue Boosted by 90%

    PadiPay will also help you to expand your business. By integrating with our 14 different payment channel and mobile application, you can touch all segments that you never aim before. Making payment will be so easy and reliable; it will attract lot of new communities to come and buy or use your service, creating new possibilities.

Our Development process


Integration based on single API document.


We test the business process, payment process, and money flow.


Your customer can use all of the payment channel in one page.

Payment Channel Partner

Need specific system arrangement?

We believe that each business have it’s own uniqueness, and we are ready to accommodate your needs.

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